Last updated: 11/22/2017

Mac Software Guide

I'm a huge fan of finding the best tool for any job. I'll typically try a number of options until I find the best option available. Nearly everything in this list has a free trial available. Give them a shot and see if they work for you.

File Manager:
Path Finder -
Multi-pane file manager with tons of customization and features. 

Email Client:
Spark -
Works with pretty much any webmail or IMAP email service. Snooze features, smart inbox and notifications, etc.

Web Browser:
Google Chrome -
Chrome is a huge resource hog and is becoming too bloated, but there isn't currently a better alternative, in my opinion.

Backup System:
Backblaze -
Time Machine - Built into macOS
Carbon Copy Cloner -
A good backup system needs to be redunant and should require very little attention. Backblaze handles your cloud backup at $5/mo for unlimited storage. Time Machine can be setup to backup to an external drive or some NAS drives (Synology, for example). Carbon Copy Cloner can make a bootable image of your whole system in case of hardware failure or theft. You need more than one backup and they need to be located both on-site and off-site in order to be reliable.

Milcellaneous Tools:
iStat Menus -
Monitor everything about your system, right from your menu bar. Lots of pretty charts and graphs if you're into that kind of thing.

A Better Finder Rename -
Mass rename files. This is great for renaming photos based on capture time in the EXIF data. I love this for 2 reasons: 1. Lots of customization for how files are named. 2. You can save a template as an applet and you can drag a list of files to the applet to automatically run your renaming workflow.

Better Touch Tool -
Create custom shortcuts, macros, and even Touch Bar buttons.

Keeping You Awake -
Menu bar icon that you can toggle to keep your mac awake. Great for things that take a long time to process when you don't want your mac to sleep.